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Should you leave company now?

I would like to write down some thoughts on very popular subject these days. Especially in technology industry where companies constantly look for right people and at the same time right people can shuffle job offers easily, still being in demand. So, is it a proper moment for moving forward?


Regular raise is possible more easily when you move. New contract with better salary is more probable than getting more money while working for the same company doing same job. Sure thing if you make progress, start to increase area of your interest at work and finally have wider responsibilities - you will be rewarded at some point (or not, if there are cuts everywhere). Unfortunately when things go wrong for your employer, then also for you will be much harder to achieve salary level you think you deserve.

But it’s not all about the money!


Are you worried about friends left behind? You should not. Probably with time you’ll find new friends and number of those from company A you hang out with will shrink 90% but hey! that’s something totally normal. It’s always like that - those who are the most important for you will still keep in touch and that’s great. Anyway even if you change city/country there are always ways to meet once in a while. You can think about it as a meter of friendship quality.

Accepted risk

You know those stories of great experts which work for the same company for years, who basically built it and they are sometimes paid low salary. That does not push them anywhere outside and actually they feel good doing stuff they know, feeling safe in their very own spot. It’s not bad, actually if you would scratch money from your list, isn’t appreciation and stability still somewhere on top of that list? On the other hand, like they say: risk pays off. If you are ready for it set your next goal and get it!

Career path

Do you actually know what you want to do? I hope you do. Otherwise It’s going to be quite difficult to set any goals for upcoming month/year. IMO sometimes it’s worth to spend some time even in unfriendly environment if that only gets you to the point you can jump to place you have planned for a long time. Don’t stay there too long though. Negative behaviors experienced in that kind of place can change you as well.
Two different things are: entry in CV and actual experience you get. I would not suggest to go somewhere only to get entry in CV and not learn anything important for a year. Still would stick to option number two - better to be in less known company and polish your skills while doing what you know it’s beneficial instead of loosing time in well known company. Of course if you only can do nice things in well known company go for it ;)

Even if staying in one place, still „keep looking, don’t settle”. You’ll never know.